>>Conference Topics

The topics of the conference will include but not limited to:

Health Informatics
•           Electronic Health Records and Standards
•           Evaluation Methods in Health Informatics
•           Clinical Informatics and Hospital Information Systems
•           Telemedicine and Mobile Applications
•           Decision Support Systems and Computer Aided Diagnosis
•           Health Informatics (HI) Education
•           Security, Ethics and Privacy
•           Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in HI
•           Medical Signal/Image Analysis and Visualization
•           Medical Imaging and Instrumentation
•           Virtual Reality and Simulation
•           Medical Transaction Provision Systems

•           Biomolecular Sequence Analysis
•           Comparative Genomics
•           Biomedical Genome Research
•           Microarray Informatics
•           Protein Expression and Modifications
•           Protein Interactions
•           Protein Structure Prediction
•           Biomedical Proteome Research
•           Genetic Networks
•           Systems Biology
•           Text Mining and Information Extraction
•           Evolution and Phylogeny
•           Structural Bioinformatics 
•           Biologically Inspired Control Systems
•           Computational Neuroscience